I’m Broke in 2017

Piggy stucks

Life still go on and yes I was home spent time with my family and I’m broke still. Being adult is not easy. I found my diary the other day and realised not everything has change in me. My parents are the best and they always there for me and got my back all the time I need their help. but still I’m BROKE! Ugh!!!

It’s not first time I’m broke. Everytime I think about broke is always about me trying to care too much about my life. Nothing is enough in this life and that’s the stage of my journey at the moment. I know It’s sounds silly but I do this trick to help me up again. Money can’t but happiness but you make other people smile by spending money with them and during that moment you are happy but after that you will see your bank account is screeeming 😀

It’s OK to be broke. You will gain more and money will make you adult enough to control life. I have so much stuff today and tomorrow and everyday. What I’m doing to do now is recording every moment and I will see how my money goes and come everyday. Maybe it sounds silly but at this moment I training myself to be better person and more minimalist (Yeah you read it right). If you have same problem and let’s fix it together. I made so many research of it and now I’m ready to start it. Tomorrow baby 🙂



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