August Movement

Don’t underestimate time (Planning Fallacy)! Done anything you already plan. Even you are not sure still worth to try. It’s not gonna be the same for the next 5 minutes. I have some problem also today and no matter happen, I will fix it today. I have something I need to say to my Boss :O

I was woke up this morning and found myself almost collapse in the bathroom. My stomach was so painful and I can’t even stand up. I was thinking maybe I will die this morning until I realize that I ate too much spicy yesterday and i couldn’t throw them away from my body and suddenly my body was numb for 3 minutes more less. It was lesson learn for me about life and I realize I haven’t done anything that makes me proud of myself, I still want to create my own sunshine ☀ ☀ ☀

I don’t know If I should be excited but I’m so looking forward to change my plan and push hard my self to get out from my comfort zone. The ideas behind this is because I’m stuck in the same moment everyday and I get tired and I kept spend my money, time and body to do same sh*t everyday and this is what I want to do

“Het girl, change strategy and be brave to try something new”, That’s what my brain told me to do even my heart still hard to step forward to do something I don’t know what will happen. As I promise, I will try everything to make my soul feel better from anxiety and depression. We still worth to live on this earth and make ourself happy. We will get this out together. If I can do this so do you 🙂

Happy journey,


“Anxiety happens when you think you have to figure it out everything all at once. Breath. You’re strong. You got this. Take it day by day. “ _Karen Salmansohn

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