Become a Minimalist


DO IT! Just get this thing done 🙂 Why? Because I got inspired by people I saw online and offline and they have simple lifestyle and less worry about things and change everything the way they think on how they use stuff. When? I’m working on it. I used to living as maximalist person and I pretty uncomfortable and stress first time I tried to become minimalist but after I declutter some of my clothes and books, I feel like I can breathe with fresh air again.

Be a Minimalist is not for letting go stuff that brings me joy but letting go stuff that bring me stress. Every time I go home all I want is to be happy and enjoy my time at home and especially in my room.

So, here some simple tips to simple live living less:

  1. start journaling and morning pages
  2. Make your bed
  3. Meditation
  4. Declutter social media
  5. Empty the hamper and create donation box
  6. Evaluate your spending habits
  7. Cook your own meal
  8. Sleep when tired

What 2 things brings me the most joy right now? (Please ask yourself too). My answer is my laptop and my ukulele 🙂 because they are brings me joy and I need them to keep me happy. Create more space in day by day basis is my goal and I want you to try it too. I more grateful for what I do more than what I spend for material stuff. Everything I learned about Minimalism I will share it to you so we all can value the meaning of less stuff, more space. I will make it as simple as I can from stuff we need to declutter to the mental cure that I’ve been doing this few months.

Goodluck 🙂


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