Should I use Bahasa or English

Manado, North Sulawesi

The answer is both 🙂 To be honest I want my friends and family that stay outside Indonesia also can reach and understand my blog and if you want to stay in touch with me writing in Bahasa and I wouldn’t mind explain it to you. I still want to learn (Promise will make it as simple as you can speak english since you were born) and this time for me to out of my comfort zone. I’m a new beginner in this moment and I still want to explore anything can help me become better person and more inspired.

Jadi, Let’s bring our mind to better place and learn together to be better person. It’s totally normal have ups and down. We will be ok, always be OK ❤

Oh yeah, since this is still August I would like to share how proud I am with my country. I’m totally not proud watching all the time news about corruptions and Blasphemy cases that happen lately there but I want to say how proud I am that Indonesia still standing until now since 72 years ago and we finally call it independence day that we celebrate every year on August 17. Many things need to improves but also many stuff our government achieve. Please stick around because I still want to hold my Indonesian passport forever. On the Picture below is Me celebrating Independence day in Manila with the ambassador and people from Indonesia. Muslim, Catholic, Christian, Hindi, Buddhist, we all together and happy here :).


“How did you celebrate Independence day there?”

I miss all the games and singing competition that I used to join when I was teeneger and the prize that I (and 95% Indonesians) always wanted to have is bicycle from President Jokowi. Right? hahaha.

Let’s get serious. September will pass by soon and let’s finish the month because I can’t wait for Halloween soon, but before that I want us to learn together to be more organize during September because we are too enjoy the messy August. If you feel like me have some targets to reach by the end of September and let’s dare to JOURNALING :). I tell my self how proud and satisfy I will if I really focus on my September plan. If you give 1 month plan meaning you give your self to get things done in 1 month (Try to have that mindset). Done is better than perfect.DSC_6047-01 Let’s create experience and improve it :). You can download my Pdf to learn my Sept-Journal-Tips (click to download). I’m working on my self too so you are not alone and I promise it will be fun. In the end of the month we will review how our plan going :). Look it’s my new Weekly plan. I like to journaling in my blog but I like to organize on my weekly plan inside this cute book.










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