Learning to Drawing my Life

Oct 31, 2016

I like it simple and sometimes everything started from my night routine, work schedule and eating habit makes me think complicated and should be finish with complicated too. This time I will learn how DRAWING MY LIFE to piece of paper and show you how I plan it and how I expect my day ahead. It will be fun and Let’s do yours too then post it on Instagram. If you still find it hard, here’s the simple way. For this drawing tools you gonna need pencil, eraser, piece of recycle paper from the Photocopy room and the main object is your brain and heart (make sure they are friend when you make your art because happy face all it takes). Now ask yourself all this questions:

  1. how are you?
  2. what the last thing you see today? Draw it (even that’s the worse picture you can draw)
  3. What made you sad and happy today?
  4. What your plan for today?
  5. What do expect will happen today? are you excited?
  6. What will you accomplish today?
  7. What color will describe today?
  8. Put theme and weather of your heart (You know what i mean?)

So answer all those question and you will see how your day might be like 🙂 doesn’t matter you can drawing or no because it’s my first time too and as I promise I want to inspired myself and you to do the same thing as long as you think I give you positive duty to do. If you read it few years later since I posted, please give me an idea on how you drawing your life today? 🙂 You also can use all that questions for montly or yearly, whenever you want. Expect unexpected but again if the plan change, you always have story to tell in the future and I like reading the past because some of the past story are meaning a lot for my future life.

Terima kasih ya udah singgah ke postingan ini. Goodluck ❤


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