Anxiety inside Me


Repeat this again and again and I know it won’t change your day better but at least you decide what you want to focus on and learn something else to distract your anxiety. I know it’s not that easy to manage your schedule when you’re having anxiety or depression but it’s still possible to do. 






Everything happened in our life is mostly out of our control but I believe when you let universe guide us to our journey and you can leave all negativity behind and move forward without holding your past or bad thoughts around. No kidding, I’m still working on it. I hope someone that expert or can help me with this can read my post and give me some comments about how they get thru this :).

When i’m working in usual basis, I feel like my life is boring and I want to change it but turns to be nothing I can do and keep working my ass off then I get home and I get tired, no time to think what I wanna do and sleep. I took some vacation outside the city and I found what I really like to do, DIVING! and again it’s not cheap hobby I wish I could do everytime I want. Since last year, Diving is one of my expensive expense that become my priority hobbies and to accomplished that i need enough money meaning I need to work harder, right? 🙂 So now you have an Idea things that make me stuck in my work because I have expensive hobby I can say 😀

I want to take it serious and for me money is not everything, I just want to be able to afford what I want if money is not exist. I was become obsessed and ambitious about things and now I realise it’s not suppose to be like this and look! I just hanging in the circle with my ambitious mind and make me scared to learn things more than this because I think i wont be able to leave it. I know I can do more than this but my anxiety and depression still told me to calm down and be stable with what I have now. I’m a mess I know but Life is more than worrying things I can’t have.

This week I will writing about all my problems everyone can related because most of the time we’re too afraid or embarrassed or trying not to care about the problem and focusing on solution that we confuse where it goes. It will take time to heal but I’m sure when I do it step by step and I can get the solution while learning how to be better person for myself first and anyone around me.

Thanks for blogging with me today. Hope you have a good day ahead stay strong with me 🙂

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