Morning Stress

sally and sunset

Nightmare is not come everyday but most of the time it happens almost everyday to this one person and it’s hard to start the day with that feeling. I know everything is in our head, we worried, assume today will be a bad day, wish to just lay down in bed and skip the day. but what I realised once we think like that all over my body feel the pain and nothing will wake me up and cheer me up to create my good way. If you wanna take it seriously and YOU NEED TO FORCE IT!

If you love yourself and sometimes the best way is to be strict to yourself and once you feel things become easier to woke up and start to reward yourself (I will go to ice cream or pancake shop and eat sweet). I don’t only say it because it’s easy, I say it but the fear will always there and if i don’t face it now and everyday will same like today’s nightmare. Everything you do, DO IT FOR YOUR GOOD. What else the reason, right? You should having fun first and do it because you love yourself and the result will follow.

I know it’s hard like easy when I said it because i’ve been cured, but that’s not the reason. I’m sad to see myself hurting by my own mind. Once you wake up and face your fear that’s your good day will started. maybe you think why should I keep this life if I don’t feel safe and fear to wake up? the answer is you’re a fighter. For some people doesn’t have disorder, they also fighting for something else and don’t try to be other people, they have their own battle in life and what matter is your happiness.

I wish I can be someone you can share your thought, maybe not talking about your problem but get to know each other and support each other because we’re not only human on this earth, right? πŸ™‚ I want to change too, so bad. in this mid-year 2018 I can see that i’m become better and better but sometimes there’s always reason to put me down either it’s about career, social and myself. Let’s be busy on July and let’s be inspired to each other. my suggestion you should do today is:

  1. Buy your own journal or use the old one
  2. starting writing MORNING PAGES every morning you wake up. Don’t open your phone when you wake up! REALLY DUDE!!
  3. what to write? you can find some inspiration online or follow me (what you’ve been done yesterday > your problem > your plan of the day > solution for your problem > make sure in the last line you put something that motivate you to get up yourself)
  4. even you wake up late, try to exercise yourself to do this MORNING PAGES, I call it exercise for Anxiety disorder people πŸ™‚

Thanks for blogging with me today, Hope you have a good day and share love with others πŸ™‚ ❀



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