2706-2018-0732325801411312642.jpegThis blog basically come from the idea of my personal desire and get everything I want (haha, I’m obsessed!). I’m still learning and I’m still growing, so I decide to action and watch step by step the progress of me changing to the person I wanted to be when I was a kid. Do it what you want to do, right?. I wanna buy less and experience more. Before I come up with this idea, I stop everything that bothering me and my time for like 2 weeks online and offline. I don’t want to miss anything anymore. That’s the only thing can help me survive from my biggest fear in life. The more I do it i’m sure life will be more meaningful.

If you also suffering from anxiety and depression, here I am (one of the easy target)  trying to get out from the darkness and everything that weight me down in the past few year upside down. Think that You’re not alone in this battle because I want to share with you anything that help me thru this mental issues. “Break the rule” is the rule and everything bring you joy is the key to make you feel happy and fearless.

Be mindful of the people you keep around you. Don’t expect they will understand because the only person can help you is yourself and do your best to enjoy life because nothing else matter than your happiness.

Goodluck 🙂