Should I use Bahasa or English

Manado, North Sulawesi

The answer is both 🙂 To be honest I want my friends and family that stay outside Indonesia also can reach and understand my blog and if you want to stay in touch with me writing in Bahasa and I wouldn’t mind explain it to you. I still want to learn (Promise will make it as simple as you can speak english since you were born) and this time for me to out of my comfort zone. I’m a new beginner in this moment and I still want to explore anything can help me become better person and more inspired. Read More

Become a Minimalist


DO IT! Just get this thing done 🙂 Why? Because I got inspired by people I saw online and offline and they have simple lifestyle and less worry about things and change everything the way they think on how they use stuff. When? I’m working on it. I used to living as maximalist person and I pretty uncomfortable and stress first time I tried to become minimalist but after I declutter some of my clothes and books, I feel like I can breathe with fresh air again.

Read More

August Movement

Don’t underestimate time (Planning Fallacy)! Done anything you already plan. Even you are not sure still worth to try. It’s not gonna be the same for the next 5 minutes. I have some problem also today and no matter happen, I will fix it today. I have something I need to say to my Boss :O Read More

I’m Broke in 2017

Piggy stucks

Life still go on and yes I was home spent time with my family and I’m broke still. Being adult is not easy. I found my diary the other day and realised not everything has change in me. My parents are the best and they always there for me and got my back all the time I need their help. but still I’m BROKE! Ugh!!! Read More

Begin again


Finally I realise what really matter in this situation, I can’t say I found what i’v been looking for but I become more calm to get what I really wanted. Family and friends are there for me and I know I won’t let them down (never again). Too much drama with the girls and always playing hard to get with the guys. Life is just fun not to think too much but go with it. Im having many good dan bad news that I want to share and show the future me that all the moments are matter because that’s how I can be who I am now (when I read it in 5 years from now). Still so many things I want to learn and during the process I want to show people that everything happen by the reason and teach us how to deal and enjoy it like a cup of tea when you share your story to best friends.

I want you to know that I love doing this and teach myself something new and hopefully useful for some people. I will be more open about learning new stuff and organize life. Minimalist is my new color and I want to learn how to be simple and every way :). Thanks for joining me and my new journey to become a person without regret.

Have a beautiful day 🙂