Morning Stress

sally and sunset

Nightmare is not come everyday but most of the time it happens almost everyday to this one person and it’s hard to start the day with that feeling. I know everything is in our head, we worried, assume today will be a bad day, wish to just lay down in bed and skip the day. but what I realised once we think like that all over my body feel the pain and nothing will wake me up and cheer me up to create my good way. If you wanna take it seriously and YOU NEED TO FORCE IT! Read More

Anxiety inside Me


Repeat this again and again and I know it won’t change your day better but at least you decide what you want to focus on and learn something else to distract your anxiety. I know it’s not that easy to manage your schedule when you’re having anxiety or depression but it’s still possible to do.  Read More

My Dream Job


No complained about what i’m doing now and work since  4 years ago. I’m still thankful for the position i do now but maybe there’s something keep telling me to find something really I wish to do.

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Become a Minimalist


DO IT! Just get this thing done 🙂 Why? Because I got inspired by people I saw online and offline and they have simple lifestyle and less worry about things and change everything the way they think on how they use stuff. When? I’m working on it. I used to living as maximalist person and I pretty uncomfortable and stress first time I tried to become minimalist but after I declutter some of my clothes and books, I feel like I can breathe with fresh air again.

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