Criticising Myself


Everyday I’m dealing with target when I arrived to the office. When I have free time I will stay in bed and starting to criticise myself and feel sorry to myself like I can’t do enough and smaller than other person. I’m less motivated and I wish I can deal with this. until this morning I was writing my morning pages and try to motivate myself with some tips that make me grow up with more creative and stop Criticising myself:

  1. Learning not to judge yourself too much. If you realise, nobody is perfect by that I mean everyone have their own battles and you don’t have to deal with others but focusing on yourself and that’s a good move to realise you also love yourself
  2. Drawing your spectrum, It’s my favorite activity to drawing even I’m feeling unmotivated most of the time, I open my journal and start to draw whenever i feeling low and angry or mad I will go with red and when it’s going better and stable I will change it with orange to yellow and green when I’m feeling happy and motivated (haha)
  3. Forgive yourself, If you fail and fall and learn to forgive yourself and move on, not stuck in that situation. Try to release your negative thought. I know it’s easier said than done but you gotta keep going, read my previous post about my Problem article 🙂
  4. Take care of your body, It’s good for your mental and make you more inspired and bring energy on your mind and soul. Whenever I feel like yelling or running because of my anxiety actully I follow it and do exercise instead of thinking that I just can’t handle it anymore, but actually you can and you always will.
  5. It’s OK to UNFOLLOW, It’s not a douch mood but It’s ok. I’d rather unfollow instagram account that made me comparing myself with others. You can do what your heart wants not other people tell you about.
  6. Support yourself. focus on your own path, it’s unique and different from other people. Do whatever you can to be strong and turn the negative to positive by asking yourself, “what you can learn for this person“. I see everything as a learning experience.
  7. Last, Reward yourself and every good little things happen everyday and be thankful for that and for yourself that brave enough to take small action

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Be strong and since it’s 1st day of July, why don’t you start a new plan and do something yourself will thankful in the end of this month or this year. Make a bucketlist and try to make it happen. You are your own leader, listen to your heart and go with it. Remember, I’m here for you. hit me an email and let’s be friend to support each other.

Have a good day 🙂 ❤